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Fair Play Means Using Sport to Make a Better World

Fair Play means using Sport to make a better world. To be successful in sport, you need to have the right attitude. Honesty, dignity, fair play, respect, teamwork, commitment and courage are essential to lead a memorable sporting performance. All of these indispensible values can be summed up in the term ‘fair play’. Through various sporting events, the values of fair play can be put into practice in order to help make the world a better place. Hence, sport can be powerful by allowing young aspiring athletes to emulate their role models when playing in the spirit of fair play. Many people define fair play as abiding by the rules of the game and to accept defeat. However, this not only the case when it come to fair play. Fair play†¦show more content†¦Promoting the interests of the Game: The value of different kinds of sport always needs everybodys help to maintain its greatness. Think of the game’s interests before your own. Think how your actions may affect the image of the game. Talk about the positive things in the game. Encouraging other people to watch and play fairly is also positive for the game in context. Honouring those who defend the Game’s good reputation: The good name of sports such as football has survived because the vast majority of people who love the game are honest and fair. Sometimes somebody does something exceptional that deserves our special recognition. Players should be honoured and their fine example should be publicised. This encourages others to act in the same way. Thus, helping to promote footballs image by publicising its good deeds. Rejecting corruption, drugs, racism, violence, gambling and other dangers to sport: Sports’ huge popularity sometimes makes it vulnerable to negative outside interests. Athletes and players should watch out for attempts to tempt them into cheating or using performance-enhancing drugs. Drugs have no place in sport or in society as a whole. On the other hand such athletes should help to kick drugs and out of the world of sports. Hence, all players must treat everyone else equally, regardless of their religion, race, sex or national origin. Showing zero tolerance for gambling on games in which you participate is alsoShow MoreRelatedSports Enhancing Drugs Is Great for sports: Personal Opinion Essay1422 Words   |  6 PagesSports are full of entertainment and great players. Imagine if the players were boosted with skills and performed like the monster on the movie Space Jam. This would be amazing if you never watched space jam I highly recommended you do so. The movie was great; it had one of the worlds best athletes in it Michal Jordan. He is known as one of the greatest basketball players ever to play the game. Space jam can show how an extra boost can improve players’ game play to the next level. Athletes shouldRead MoreDrugs And Drugs In Sports1150 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs are harmful to players in highschool and franchises in big time sports. It’s no secret because I am going to tell you why, everything from how they can be harmful to death and how those few games an athlete gets suspended for can cause a championship season. It might seem a little crazy, that is, that some athletes take drugs to help with speed recovery, but they’re very harmful to the body. Even though the drugs help players with recovery, speed, fitness, and strength, drugs are harmful toRead MoreSports and Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pagestodays pro sports have become a big deal, because of health stimulants and the benefits that such studies have on good development of the person and on fair athletic games. Pediatricians or trainers can play a huge role in helping the athlete or player that is using or taking performance enhancing drugs. By taking factual info about the true benefits and medical problems of these drugs and giving information about healthy food and working out. Tries to create a change in opinion of using through fearingRead MoreElite Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs1817 Words   |  7 PagesElite Athletes: An Asset or Liability to Sports? Many elite athletes are under great pressure to perform exceptionally well they often times resort to using performance-enhancing drugs to stay competitive. The path to success as an athlete is not an easy track; it is fierce! The fame and the fortune one can attain from being an athlete is only unimaginable to some; it is something worth going the extra mile to reach, for some, there is no limit to the extra mile. After all, in today’s society theRead MoreHow Athletes Can Compete On A Level Playing Field1238 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish-111-26 6 December 2015 Doping in Sports â€Å"It s important that athletes can compete on a level playing field. And youngsters coming into the sport can know that if they are working hard and training hard, they ll see a true reflection of where they stand and what they can achieve worldwide and not be swayed by people who are cheating.† This was said by Paula Jane Radcliffe, English long-distance runner and Olympian. Cheating is and never has been a good thing. In sports there are many different formsRead MorePro Athletes are overpaid999 Words   |  4 Pages Sports are part of the everyday life of many people across the world, and in the United States sports are even more present in its societys life due to the fact that there are four major sports in the country. But should the professional athletes from these sports earn salaries as high as ten or twentieth times more than the national average wage? The answer should be NO. Professional athletes must be well remunerated but can not be overpaid when there are many issues around the world thatRead MoreGene Doping Essay1278 Words   |  6 PagesGene Doping is defined as using â€Å"Forbidden substances or methods to increase physical and or mental performance† ( Gene doping is banned from athletics, and very dangerous to use, mainly for the body. There are some pluses to the drug, it helps with dangerous diseases, helps people gain strength back, and also helps them become more resistant to being winded. Even though it is good for the sick, for the healthy i t plays the same role but it is very dangerous because there areRead MoreImpact Of Gender Discrimination On Sports1446 Words   |  6 Pages GENDER DISCRIMINATION IN SPORTS Brooke Lynn Paige Smith Oklahoma State University-Stillwater December 5, 2014 For decades discrimination in sports has been a big issue, especially gender discrimination. Women have been down graded and stereotyped as weak in athletics because men are generally the more entertaining to watch because of their physicality and they seem more determined and motivated to achieve in their sport, but what people should realize is women are just as athletic asRead MoreGraduation Speech : My School1278 Words   |  6 Pagesschool had no sports, clubs, or electives. All we did was go to class, go to lunch, and go home. This routine was boring to many of the middle schoolers who were looking for ways to exert their energy. Eventually no one was looking forward to school and we all just wanted to go home, creating a lack of focus in class that affected all of our grades. If we had a basketball team or a music class, many of the students would have been excited to come to class and had motivation to do better. One day myRead MorePerformance Enhancing Drugs For Professiona l Sports1703 Words   |  7 Pagesin professional sports has been going on for years, decades even. Many believe that using steroids and other performance enhancers should automatically disqualify an athlete from ever being able to be a member of the Hall of Fame, in sports in general, not just in Major League Baseball. However, there is an argument to be made to make the use of performance enhancing drugs legal in all of professional sports.   Performance enhancing drugs should remain illegal in professional sports because they provide

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